Introduction to Islamic Finance Course: Ethical Foundations, Trends, and Opportunities

Organized by the Observatory of Islamic Finance in Spain SCIEF – Casa Árabe

We explored the origins and evolution of modern Islamic finance and its differences from conventional finance. We analyzed how various civilizations have approached financial ethics and concepts such as risk, value creation, and speculation, and how these ideas are reflected in current legislation in different countries in banking, international trade, and the insurance sector.

We will dive into practice, examining the evolution and functioning of Islamic law and jurisprudence, delving into major Islamic contracts, and exploring practical applications of Islamic banking and prominent financial instruments, highlighting opportunities in this constantly growing sector.

The Observatory of Islamic Finance in Spain SCIEF – Casa Árabe is an analysis and consultation group for knowledge about the current state of Islamic finance, bringing together leading experts, consulting firms, law firms, and banking institutions that work or specialize in this field in Spain. Created in 2017 by Casa Árabe and the SCIEF (Spanish-Saudi Center for Islamic Economics and Finance) of IE University, its activities include the periodic meeting of its members on specific topics related to the development of the industry in Spain, conducting case studies and expert conferences, as well as preparing an annual report on the state of Islamic finance in Spain.

Consult the report in English by clicking on The Expansion of Islamic Finance Globally: Opportunities in Europe and Spain

Consulta la nota en español en: Nota Económica 2024. ‘La expansión de las finanzas islámicas en el mundo’

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